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March 26, 2016


Janet Hrbek Griffin

So beautiful and meaningful. I wish my family had known you when we were dealing with the death of my sister at the age of 6. I was 12. I still miss her. My mother held back tears always during the Easter season. Althea was buried with the Easter bunny she was to get Easter morning. Before she went to the hospital, I showed it to her even tho it was to be a surprise, and am so glad I did afterwards. She was so excited about Easter coming up. Her last words we heard were when the nurse asked to hold her hand......"it's ok, Jesus is holding my hand". When my father died at age 96, he was lucid and singing with us and then he got quiet and looked up with his hands toward someone.....smiled and left. I will always believe my sister came and got him. I know we will be together again.......she has always been a part of me so we have always been together. Thank you Jennifer for not being afraid to talk about Jacob. It was something in my lifetime that we just did not do. You are a blessing to us all.


Lovely. Thank you for sharing this journey.

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